Committee - re-elected at 2020 AGM

President - Robert Grieve

Chairman - David Patterson

Secretary - Avril Grieve

Treasurer - Christine Johnson

Committee - David Ryan, Eddie Fisher, Kate Turk, Fiona Patterson, Chris Quirk, Sandy Gill, Neil Campbell, Luke Tolson.

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The Future

11 Mar 2020

Langholm Social Club remains an unincorporated private members club since the Langholm Branch of Legion Scotland was dissolved in early 2016. On  Monday 4 Jun 2018 at an EGM the members present were informed that the premises were now legally owned by the Trustees of the Social Club on behalf of the members. Negotiations with Legion Scotland to purchase the premises have been succesfully completed and subject to certain caveats the club will move forward  and be a force for good in the community.

The Social Club's priority is to become registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).  Although OSCR and other organisations are available to offer support and guidance it is not a straightforward process and typically from date of application can take up to 3 months or even longer.  The constitution of January 2016, did demonstrate commitment to the local community but has been rewritten to more clearly outline our charitable purposes and align the constitution to that which would be expected of a registered charity.

The Social Club will continue to provision recreational facilities and support the advancement of community development. Our premises have extensive disabled access and can be used for a range of social and entertainment activities. We will continue to promote local activities in the community both charitable and non-charitable, supporting, where possible, worthy causes undertaken by individuals or groups e.g. Langholm Action Project. The Social Club can pride itself in that it already has several volunteers amongst our committee and membership who volunteer in other club activities such as indoor bowling, bingo and Scottish dancing. We also provide a facility for the Excel Project Youth Cafe and the Chilli Club (Pelosis) have been provided with the allottment and will grow Chilli plants as they strive to make Langholm the Chilli capital of Scotland.

The Social Club if successful in its application to become a charity needs to ensure that there are sufficient Trustees on the Management Board to oversee the activities of the charity.  Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway have stated that they can provide training for Trustees free of charge, this will reassure Trustees and provide sufficient knowledge in order for them to be comfortable in their duties and obligations. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, or would like to speak to someone about becoming a Trustee please contact the Chairman at

Club President

Following the 2020 AGM Robert Grieve was re-elected as President along with the rest of the committee.


The Social Club

It is an attractive and affordable venue with easy access and a popular venue with many in the town. It is used for a variety of events all year round from Weddings to Funerals, Christenings to Birthdays. It is also a popular meeting point at the Common Riding and hosts functions supporting the festival. We also have a proud history of supporting community events and in most cases will donate the hire of the hall. We also sponsor local activities in the town.

It is used twice a week for Bingo, well attended by many of the older residents in the community. The sports recreation room is popular following recent improvements and is used by all age groups. There is a Pool team in the local league. During the Autumn/Winter there is indoor carpet bowls, popular with some of the younger members which is encouraging. There are also at least 4 well attended tournaments during this time.  It is also a convenient venue for the Accordion Club, Country Dance and  a meeting for Scottish Slimmers. It is also an important social hub for many of the older members providing companionship. We also provide the alottments to the Langholm Chilli Club

The Trustees have taken great strides towards putting the club in a good position and becoming a registered charity is still an ambition. 

Main Bar Seating Area

Main Bar

Main Bar & TV

The Bar

Bar and Seating

Dance Floor

Dance Floor and Stage


Former Club President

Peter Irving Stuart

Past President Irving Stuart passed away in September 2017. He was a great friend to many and a man who will be long remembered.

A veteran of the Arctic Convoys. Irving recalled these events with great clarity and perfectly expresses the harsh conditions that were faced in dangerous waters.


Copy and paste the following into your browser and see an extended interview of Irving from August 2013.