100th Anniversary Unveiling of War Memorial

Marked by the Langholm Social Club - Lest We Forget

VE Day Wreath 75th Anniversary - See Photos

Sunday 10th November 2019- Remembrance Parade - Select Armistice 2019 link

Dance Hall and Bar

War Memorial in Buccleugh Park, Langholm

A short walk around the memorial

Langholm Remembers - Armistice 2018 (more photos available)

Langholm War Memorial

As the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 approaches, take a walk around. Needs a wee tidy up but it'll be done in time for armistice.

Weeding at the War Memorial on Sunday (23rd September). Many hands make light work but could have used a few more.

Hard at it

The garden crew, beechgrove watch out 😂

A peek at Bill Ewarts painting, pride of place in the main bar.

Kindly donated to the Social Club by Bill Ewart, come and see it for yourself.

Langholm Social Club are now the proud owner of the premises.